Saturday, July 04, 2009


or the lack thereof.
Olivia lost her 1st tooth while we were on our trip to Oklahoma (very special) and then she lost her 2nd tooth just one week later on mommy's birthday (even more special.)

She has been learning how to eat corn on the cob, pizza bones, and apples without the use of her teeth. Because, her top tooth is also lose. I think I know what she ill be wishing for for Christmas!

Please ignore the evidences of chocolate around her mouth.
She is her mother's daughter after all. (wink)


kt said...

aaaw wow!
Nice work Olivia :)

And Fairlight I love the chocolate around her face and your comment -so funny!

Hoping and praying the sale is going well and you get some buyers soon!!

kt said...

oh and thanks for all your congratulations and fb comments. Super excited over here - I think it is finally sinking in :)

Hoping to catch u online sometime soon!

Lisa said...

Yay Olivia!! (I'm always amazed at what a beautiful little girl she is!)

~beautyandjoy~ said...

That is SO cute. My kids' top teeth are finally growing back in and there is a part of me that is sad to see the gaps close in - they are so cute! Olivia is adorable!!

Leslie said...

ohhh my the sweetness...
lost toothies are pure sweetness.... she looks ever so innocent.

I adore it.

Jacy said...

soo cute! Yayy for Olivia! I bet she's so excited...i can remember how excited we got, over our missing teeth :)

Aminta said...

Such Adorable toothlessness!
I love this stage, and she wears it well.
You know me, and you know that I am SO looking forward to the pictures that show her BIG teeth coming in!! YAY!
I LOVE and MISS you!!!!

Lisa said...

that is adorable!!!
she looks so proud!

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