Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A midsummers eve

isn't playing in water, the hose going full blast, and the pool all quintessential summer?
We have been enjoying our summer days and nights ever so much.
Once upon a time it felt like summer would never make her annual appearance,
but she finally did and there is no time like the present.

One evening Mike and I were doing some "yard beautification" i.e. digging holes in our clay filled flower beds and dropping poor unsuspecting plants in these holes and praying that they live through the shock, and the girl's needed some sort of amusement to keep them from running into the street. Mike cleverly thought to bring the blow up pool into the front yard and turn them loose with the hose. I don't think Sadie~Rose has ever had more fun in her entire life.


Dawna said...

So much fun!! Your girls are beautiful!

Aminta said...

Cutieness! I love the faces they are both making.
Love you Fairlight!!! I need to call you sometime this week.

Leslie said...

I love these pictures, Rylan would get such a kick out of that too. I love seeing your neighborhood in the background.. so so sweet.

Lisa said...

such a fun summer night, huh....
how is the sale going, any news....

kt mac said...

aaaw so so much fun!

Your girls are so pretty and smiley :) I also love Olivia's swimsuit

And your neighbourhood looks so lovely.

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