Monday, November 17, 2008


I ordered these three sweet girls for Miss Olivia. They are for her Christmas stocking.
Aren't they adorable? Her favorite one is the one in the polka dot dress she tells me.
Hmmmm... I wonder who she takes after?

I've been trying to convince Mr. Mike that we need to make something similar (or identical!) to this for her little friends to live in.

He's being practical and keeps asking me where we are going to put it. :)

You can browse this sweet shop full of delightful girly things here at her Etsy shop,


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

How adorable Fairlight! I bet she LOVES opening this present come Christmas morning :D

Makes me wish I had a little girl to spoil and buy cute girly things for :D I'm a bit afraid that if I did, we would be...completely broke :P

loves to you friend!!

Leslie said...

these are beyond cute, and so is the house... my goodness, totally in love with it...

Aminta said...

So darling! My girl is not much of a girly girl and would not have played with them when she was at an age where she should have liked them. :(
She loves match box cars and riding her bike. Thank heavens that she really enjoys dressing like a girl though!
I AM making her and I matching aprons for christmas this year. I am excited to sew everything up.
Loved getting a peek into your christmas!!!!

Chelle said...

oh those little dollies are so very sweet...I can only imagine the look of delight that will come over her face as she pulls them out of her stocking...

a perfect, perfect gift for her.

zannestar said...

These are absolutely adorable! Love the house too. We are so into "set ups" right now, we've been thinking about what to get our daughter for Christmas, and will have to add this to the list. said...

i LOVE these dolls! and i'm certain that miss olivia will freak on christmas morn. :) so so charming.

and btw, i've been meaning to thank you, fairlight, for your great maternity clothes advice! i definitely bought myself a pair of mama gap cords and i'm considering investing in a second. they are the best!

Amanda said...

these are absolutely adorable. makes me excited to know that my little elizabeth is getting more and more girlie by the perhaps a few years down the road she will fall in love with something like this!

kt mac said...

yay you are following me on twitter - I think we could get hooked :)

How did you get your tweets to read on your blog? I've tried and can't work it out. Am I missing something completely obvious?:P

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