Monday, November 24, 2008

A polka dot birthday

I took the family out on Friday evening to take birthday pictures of Rose, but it was so bitterly cold and growing dark quickly that the below picture is the only one of about 20 that turned out. I'll have to try again soon.

Sadie~Rose got a chair of her very own from her grandparents and us as her gift.

She seemed quite tickled with it. :)

Olivia wanted to get in on the action.

I love her little toes on the ottoman.

On Saturday afternoon we had a small polka dot birthday party for Miss Rose.
It all went well, without a hitch.

We had a pink polka dot cake for all of us,

And Sadie~Rose had her own grain-free/sugar-free version to try.

She never seemed quite sure what to think and kept looking at us with a look that said, "Are you serious? How long am I actually going to get away with playing in my food before you take it away?"

She kept tasting it,

and we eventually got a smile out of her.
But I think her favorite part was just getting to smoosh it between her finger. :)

Ellis didn't quite know what to think of it either.

She had fun playing with friends and new toys.

And I even caught her blowing one of the noise makers! :)

It was a pretty fun day, full of fun and friends for our sweet little girl.


Lisa said...

what a fun day - looks perfectly girly....

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Could your girls be any cuter? They are both such dolls!!! I can't seem to say that enough lol I love Rose's adorable cup cake attire, how cute :)
Looks like you all had so much fun on her birthday give her a big birthday squeeze from me and the boys


PS Love her pink chair that is so cute!!

Leslie said...

ohhh she is pure sweetness
and loving her birthday hat
and cupcake shirt.

and we over here are ever so partial to polka dot parties.. :)

wishing you the best 2nd year ever Ms. Rose... and yeah to you momma!!

Lisa said...

Such a smart little cookie, climbing over her very own chair, figuring out the noisemaker and playing with her pint sized buddies. She's such a doll.

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