Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fingers and toes

Saturday, Olivia talked her daddy into painting
her fingernail and toes.



They had fun.
It was good for them to spend some funny time together.
She ended up with three different colors on.
That was her idea, not his.


Lisa said...

what on earth could be sweeter then a man painting his daughters nails - you are one lucky girl!!!

Chelle said...

this is so unspeakably precious!! what a pricelesss memory to share...and that is one awesome Dad you've got there Olivia Day...oh and he did a good job by the looks of those pictures putting that touch of sparkle on her fingers and toes...better than I would have done, I bet. :)

mudpies4all said...

What a sweet bond between this very good Daddy and his precious little girl! So glad you captured the memory in pictures!

kt mac said...

awww I love this and I love that you took all these photos to document it and that she ended up with three different colours hehe :)

my daddy paints my nails too, actually he gave me a french manicure for my year 12 formal! As a designer and builder he just has a better eye for keeping things straight and neat and painting small surfaces. my mum was getting that nail polish everywhere! hehe

so is he going to pamper you and paint yours next ? :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

This is darling Fairlight! Such a sweet moment in time between father and daughter that you will have for the rest of their life.
I wanted to ask..if your middle name was Day? I love it! Before finding out Ryder Brooks was a BOY, our girl's name we had picked out was Jozie Day :)
I love it
Hope you are having a fun filled week so far! loves to you dear friend

Amanda said...

oh how precious is this time your sweet girl got to spend with daddy. and oh my how sweet the rosy checked sadie is...and how quickly she is great to pop by and pay a little visit to catch up with your family.

Leslie said...

How sweet is this? What fun daddy time this is, and looks like Mike has quite the talent!

Lisa said...

Way to go, Mike! (I think he earns a special Daddy boy scout badge for this one!)

Philigry said...

so sweet!

Mandi said...

Thanks for saying hi! :) Your kids are absolutely the CUTEst!

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