Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 on 10

I finally made it! I remembered to do 10 on 10. I'm so tickled. It required a little more thought than I had believed it would, but fun nontheless. I hope some more people will join in next month. Enjoy!

6ish - Mike's breakfast

8ish - Sadie~Rose wakes up.

8:30ish - Rose catching some cuddles.

9ish - Rose helping unload the dishwasher while we eat.

10ish - Rose takes a nap.
11ish - Olivia and I doing schoolwork while baby is sleeping.
12ish - the mailman brought fun stuff in the mail!
3ish - our new water cooler was delivered.
4ish - getting ready for church
6ish - peeling eggs for a tuna salad dinner


Aminta said...
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Aminta said...

Sounds like a lovely day-ish! :)
I am assuming mis Olivia didn't want pictures taken! LOL
Little Sadie Rose is just beautiful! I just want to snuggle her up and give her tons of baby kisses on those beautiful cheeks!
Precious girls and a precious woman.
LOVES to you darling!

Leslie said...

you got it, you got it!
Hurray! Gosh that only took forever...

Hope the other one comes quickly, and no worries Ms. Fairlight, said box is not heavy in any way...So no ducking away needed!

Love these shots and the glimpses into your day... especially the school one and Sadie on your bed!

Chelle said...

How fabulous to come here and find YOUR ten on ten! I love these gimpses into the beauty of a day in your life. That one of Sadie Rose sound asleep is just so sweet.I cannot get over her eye lashes...they are too die for.

Chelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chelle said...

P.S. We use the exact same mascara...does that suprise you???

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Fairlight...I love your name! Thanks for stopping by I took a minute...okay several minutes to look through your pictures and you have an absolute gorgeous family my goodness your girls are so stunning...Your little one was born DAYS later after my little one, Ryder neat! I loved the little peek into your sweet life and I see you use mary kay I love mary kay :)
So nice to 'meet' you Fairlight
blessings to you

Aminta said...

Hey lovely!
So, I am so very curious..... did you like what I sent? And what did you think of Faiths very first sewing project? Faith made the blanket for little Sadie Rose. :) I let her choose and helped her iron, but she really did do everything with directions only.
Anyways, I made you your because it reminded me of you. I do hope you will get loads of use from it!
LOVE you darling lady!

kt mac said...

Hi Fairlight,

Thank you for your sweet comment. I did have a lovely weekend and spring weather really did come.. actually more like summer, 33 degrees! I don't know wat that is in Fahrenheit but very very hot!

I also love the idea of this ten on ten. And your pictures are great :) love how the bible is next to Mike's breakfast - yummy smoothie and spiritual food the best way to start the day!

ps. Miss Sadie Rose has the beautifulest eyelashes. absolutely gorgeous :)

pps: do we get to see what you got in your swap? :D

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