Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm expecting

Yep, it's true.

I'm expecting.

I'm so excited!

We've been talking about for several months now.

Actually, I've practically been begging Mike.

He doesn't understand why I think I need another one right now.

But, I convinced him.

It wasn't that difficult

plus I did all the work.

How could he complain?

Anyways, it's happening

and I couldn't be more ecstatic.

Pretty soon I'll be able to hold it

(her? he? I haven't been able to decide yet.)

I've spent hours on the computer



praying that one day

my dream will come true.

And it finally happen.

Yep, it did.

I mean, it was bound to at some point

I just didn't know that my persuasive powers were that good

and it would happen so soon.

Want to see a picture?

I'm so in love,

I just can't help but show you a little sneak peek.

Click here.

After you take a look,

leave me a comment at tell me how lucky I am. :)


Bobbie Sue said...

OK Fairlight!!!! You got me on that one! I WAS THINKING...... OH NO, not after the conversation in our drive the night of the 4th...I AM NOT NEXT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I love that! You crack me up! A friend of mine has the same camera and she loves it! I am excited to see all the great things you photograph with your new baby ;)

Leslie said...

hehhe. I knew exactly what it was..

No I didn't get your email.. make sure its too leslieautumn @

bummer. My email is FRUSTRATING today...

jona said...

Argh!! What a set up! Well, congratulations....I guess!

Lisa said...

well, I totlly fell for it!
I have to admit though, all week I have been thinking your news was a pregnancy - I guess that camera is pretty close to as good, huh?!?!

Lisa said...

Well done, Fairlight. ;) Your pictures are already gorgeous - you'll be positively armed and dangerous with the new camera!

chelle said...

CUTE new Banner!!!!!!!!! Did you do that yourself? Silly question, I am sure you did.

meg said...

Ha! You had me going :-o
Nice camera, though :-)

~Aminta~ said...

I was thinking OH GOODNESS NO! Not so quickly. So, sure some people do that, but holy smokes would that be hard!
I am sooooo excited for you! I so would LOVE a new camera, but no good excuse here. Do you have any up your sleeve?
Love you MRS Fairlight Day!

aunttea said...

the P E R F E C T compliment to a young family. congratulations. Ü

joell said...

LOL! Good one Fairlight!
Awesome camera!

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