Thursday, July 31, 2008

8 months

My dear Sadie~Rose,
The months are slipping by ever so quickly and we celebrated (and cried over) your 8 month birthday. Olivia cried several times through out the day, worried that she would wake up the next day and find you changed. She loves you so very much. You are an amazing little person.
You love your family.
You communicate with us by clicks of your tongue, pats on the chest, and little grunts.
You learned how to crawl the day before you turned 8 months. You went from crawling on Sunday, to crawling to furniture and standing up on Monday, to climbing on Wednesday.
I had you in your co-sleeper to keep you from crawling off the edge of the bed trying to fight the remotes away from your Dad. You crawled over to the side against the bed, stood up, stepped onto the edge of the co-sleeper, climbed onto the edge of the mattress, and crawled into my lap. You had the biggest grin on your face. You knew you had done something big and you were proud.
You get angry when we set you on the floor and don't set you in a standing position. You always want to stand.
You're very drawn to computers. No button is safe with you near by. You also like to play with electrical cords (unplugged of course.) This week we caught you several times trying to plug the camera cord into the computer. Such a smart baby.
You crawl under chairs and then sit there, banging your head and crying, until we remove you. Then we get to repeat the whole performance multiple times until we leave the room.
You love water. Any water.
If the bath is running, you try and leap out of my arms to get in or climb over the side of the tub. Thankfully it is too tall for any such nonsense at the point.
When you see the back door open, you make a beeline for it, hoping that you will get to go swimming. Splashing in the pool is enormously fun and entertaining.
Your swing in the back yard is a favorite place to hang out and we all take turns pushing you.
Your delighted giggles and squeals make it all the more joyful.
Your best friend is Ellis. When Olivia and I told you that we were going to see Ellis, you shrieked and started waving your hands in the air and "snuffing."
One of the most amusing things you do is "snuff" when you get excited or find something utterly fascinating. You wrinkle up your nose, open your mouth wide, and snuff. We've taken pictures, but they look silly. We call it your "mad monkey face."

Your in love with your Daddy. When ever he comes home you smile great big and start crawling towards him as quickly as possible. He'll scoop you up, cover you with kisses, and you giggle all the while, and then start clicking your tongue at him, to which he responds in kind.

Olivia will always be your biggest fan, I believe. Her little sister is The Best Sister in the World.
No other baby competes. She hugs you, kisses you, holds you, and generally tortures you all day long. Some times your fed up with all her "attentions" but when she plays peek-a-boo, you forgive all her many crimes against you. In the mornings, when you wake up, she'll walk in the room with big smile and say, "Good morning sister!" and you give her your happiest good morning smile in return. It always makes mommy's heart swell to see you both so overjoyed to see each other every single morning.
You still only have that one tooth. It's grown bigger, but no others have appeared.
You still have a pacie, we don't leave home with out it.
You ride in the seat of shopping carts now, but your still most favorite place to be is in the sling.
Paper and cardboard are not safe with you in the house. You love to crumple it, tear it, smoosh it, chew on it, suck on it, and mash it around. Who would have thought that paper could be so entertaining? Mirrors are are favorite toy, but not just the little tiny toy mirrors that are made specifically for babies. No, you prefer the big antique mirror over our bed, or if you must settle, one of Mommy's handheld mirrors. I think you might have a crush on yourself. :)

You can clap, and wave, and give big slobbery sugars to the ones you love.
When your upset with me you sit on the floor and say "bbbbbbb...buah.........bbbbb" with big tears running down your plump little cheeks. If all else fails, you'll start blowing raspberries because that always draws attention.
Since you have started crawling, you are very resistive to having you diaper changed. Very frustrating to mommy, who isn't use to having to wrestle you down to change you and having you cry through most of the change.

We still get comments every where we go about how beautiful you are, how unreal you seem, like a baby doll. But you are very real to us. We couldn't be any more happy than we are with you. You play with us, peek-a-boo is the favorite.
You like us to sing. You love dancing.
You and Olivia play "I'm gonna get you" all the time and you get so excited that at times I'm afraid I'm going to drop you as you squirm to find Olivia and then wiggle away before she can "get" you.
You and Ellis sit side by side in your matching bumbo's and play. Every so often you reach over and pat his arm or leg, give him a sweet smile and then try to take his toy. What else are good friend's for? :)
You are still our sweet happy baby girl. Growing and changing all the time. You stay in the nursery during church without a fuss. You smile at strangers, even flirting a little on occasion.
You are more interested in exploring and learning about your world than you are about eating.
You sleep pretty well still, but some nights are definitely better than others. You like your Daddy to be at home and in bed with us when it's time to go to sleep. We hang out at the beach, the park, the library, Ms. Rachael's house and in the pool. Those are the places you know best.
We would like to keep you this age, but since that's not possible, we try to write things down, take lots of pictures, some video, and hope to remember this sweet age that you are.

Much love my dearest little one,


joell said...

Such sweetness. You are a blessed mommy indeed!

chelle said...

Fairlight, she couldn't be one ounce more precious, and the same for this darling post about your darling girl. Every drop of her is sweet.

~Aminta~ said...

This must be my favorite posting of yours. She is the most adorbale chubster! I adore her and don't even know her. LOL!

Lisa said...

o, i have not ever met this darling little one and i still just want to touch those cheeks. just a little pinch. you have real talent with your writing, Fairlight. i love reading your posts!

me said...

Wow, Sadie is so beautiful, every time i see her, she just takes my breath away! I miss being able to visit you and see your darling girls. (here's hoping that won't always be the case) can't wait to squeeze those cheeks in person!

Leslie said...

this brought back so many baby memories... she is pure sugar... :)

marta said...

wow.. what adorable photos and such a sweet letter. sounds like you are enjoying every bit of her before she grows up. i love this idea.

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