Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm sad...

Wednesday was Sadie~Rose's 6 month birthday.
She's such a big plump smiley happy baby girl
and we love her so much.
Tuesday was the last day that Olivia
could confound the smartest of people
with her joyful statement of
"I'm five and she's five."
(Olivia and Sadie~Rose spent two whole months
being the "same" age. 4 months and 4 years
and 5 months and 5 years. Olivia was in heaven.)

I remember with Olivia that I was excitedly always
looking for the next milestone.
I ticked them off on our calender almost daily.

But now, I almost mourn the milestones
because I know that she is one more day older
one more day bigger and
closer to being a "big girl" like her sister.
One more day closer to not wanting to nurse,
and snuggle,
reach pudgy little hands out to touch my face
or have me pick her up.
All too soon her little grunts,
raspberries, and looks
will be replaced with words,
endearing words
(and some not so endearing words)
but words nonetheless.
And walking
(I shudder)
and then running.

I know I should rejoice
that she is healthy and growing.
But 5 years have gone by
since I brought my 1st little baby
into this world
and I know how quickly it slips by.

So for today, we are doing lots of smooching
on fat chubby cheeks
and in return we get
a slobbery kiss,
giggles and pats on the head.
We are cradling and holding
singing and swaying
and just trying to capture and remember
every dear little thing about our Rose.


Leslie said...

she is a cutie pie... seriously so, love the first picture, and man it is hard hitting milestones, I feel that way about this pregnancy too.... craziness.

Glad you girlies are doing so well. said...

My oh my, those cheeks and big blue eyes!! I love all of these pictures. And your button baby shower turned out lovely, absolutely gorgeous. The guest of honor must have felt very pampered indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVES, Aminta

The Tolberts said...

First time hitting up your blog! Found you through Leslie!

I have to say little Rose is ADORABLE! I want to reach through the computer and squish her! (Not literally of course! *wink*) But oh my she looks like such a fun bundle to cuddle!

Love this post! It's a good reminder for me to not try to rush things with my little 7 month old. Thank you!

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