Monday, May 19, 2008

Cute as a...well, you know!

Yesterday was the baby shower that I've been
working on for a few weeks now.
It was lots of fun and a large success,
but I'm glad it's behind me and
we're moving on to other things now.
But, more about that later.
Below are some of the details of the shower.

We started out with some super cute invites.

And decided that it would be, not just another baby shower,
but about the Mommy-to-be too.

We added some cute decor,
via banners. :)

{I am officially in love with mini clothes pins!}

I bought this wreath, added some tulle, and
the "baby" banner. Viola!
Instant baby shower ready super sweet
front door decoration.

We had cheese and crackers, veggies,
fruit,cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches,
and chicken salad sandwiches.
It was delicious.

The cakes turned out amazing.
Chocolate almond cake with espresso icing,
garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans
and Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream,
garnished with fresh strawberries.
You can find the recipes in this book.

There was spinach and strawberry salad in individual teacups
for everyone.

And our drinks table never stayed replenished for long.
There was way too much giggling and chatting going on
and we needed lots to drink.

Our lovely guest-of-honor, Celinda.
She's due in 4 weeks.
She's been holding down the fort here in SC while
her husband has been deployed to VA and the Mediterranean
for the past year and a half.
She has two children and a children's resale store.
She's amazing and we really just wanted to bless her
and let her know how much we love her.

We finished off with these little button magnets,
but, we forgot to pass the tray around and have everyone
pick one out.

Thank you to Jessica for all the inspiration!

It was a lovely afternoon and I think everyone
had a great time.
Some people hung out until 6:30, so I think that
was a pretty good sign of a good party.

Now all we have to do is wait patiently for baby Gabriel
to make his arrival on the 14th of June.
Easier said than done, right?


Lisa said...

looks adorable. I love the teacup salads - such a cute idea!

Great job, Fairlight!

Leslie said...

this is adorable...super duper adorable.

Lisa said...

very, very sweet. I do love the button theme and will have to stash that one away to use next time! Beautiful work and it looked like mommy to be was very blessed by all of your hard work!

CrystalSJ39 said...

What font did you use for the banner?

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