Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fell in love

with this teapot.

the Copco Cambridge Stainless-Steel Teakettle

It brings to mind thoughts of
Mary Poppins
shortbread cookies
aga stoves
in warm freshly scrubbed kitchens
hot water bottles
English nannies
rose covered cottages
tea and scones
blustery November days
most every book Rosamund Piltcher has ever written.

and words like
hot pasties
on holiday
pudding instead of dessert
boot instead of trunk
the telly
the loo.

You can find it here.


Leslie said...

oh Fairlight, darling.
I have a tea kettle that I adore, but it went and broke on me last week.

this might be a good replacement no...

hope your Easter is filled with rememberance and blessings.

chelle said...

My dear, I do so adore this post.

But oh bother. Now wish my new boring, $7.00 teapot, would "accidentaly" one day soon, burn up on the stove. But since this is the 3rd teapot for me in a year, probably better not. The first one, my cute little red Copco had it's bottom burned to a crisp, the other one I bought at walmart because it was cheap(bad idea) for $5.00 and the inside completely rusted in the first 2 months. This one so far, sad to say seems fine, but then I've maybe had it for a week and a half now. At least if the handle falls off all of a sudden, I'll have a lovely back-up plan.

Fairlightday said...

It surly must be in the water, because my tea kettle broke last week too! Unfortunately Mike wasn't ready to splurge on a $35 tea kettle and bought the $10 one instead. But, if it goes by the way of all of yours and mine, then this lovely one will be my replacement. :)

Lisa said...

You know, I have never been a big fan of hot tea - I love iced tea but for some reason hot tea just isn't my thing....
But this post is making me crave a cup of steaming hot tea! And now I am dying to have a cute tea pot on my stove....
Maybe I should give it another try tomorrow morning instead of my usual cup of coffee!

aunt tea said...

it's a lovely tea kettle. i used to enjoy having one sitting on the wood stove. the wood stove is now being phased out and the glass top stove doesn't have that gas flame romance.

so i collect tea POTS now Ü

Anonymous said...

Did you buy it? I love it! :) If I drank tea I'd have to buy it!

Leslie said...

hope your Easter was super lovely...I really really do.

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