Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last week in pictures...

...and a few words.

yes, my child is laying in a laundry basket
in the bathroom
with the mobil clamped on.
Anything to take a shower without her crying.

I finally got our Christmas decorations put away.
I rolled our lights into balls after being inspired by
this post and the accompanying pictures.
I love the way they look.

Getting to actually craft and try out these shirts
after being inspired some many times by this lady.
(Check out her "In the sewing room" category and you'll see why)
The shirts turned out great. We'll be doing lots more of these.

Dinner at a friend's house.
It was the first time they had seen Sadie~Rose
We snapped this picture of Olivia Morgan and Olivia Day
in their matching shirts (that I made) and holding Sadie~Rose.
Aren't they all so cute?

Lovely week.
Full of challenges,
but full of joy too.


chelle said...

well if that doesn't bring back memories...everything, from the laundry basket, to the winnie-pooh sweet.

and so darling to see the two Olivia's holding one sweet little Rose in their adorable matching tees...

you are doing such a amazing job mothering those two little girls... and it's inspiring to watch you pull so much JOY out of even the challanging weeks...

I love you.

lolly lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful week...
Love the idea of a baby in a laundry basket - too cute!

Amanda said...

LOVING the baby in the laundry basket! i can completely related to trying ANYTHING for just one shower...or whatever the need of the moment might be! so glad to have been able to "find" you here...i haven't been able to get onto your windows space for quite awhile and was wondering how life was going with your two girls.

Little Candle said...

Oh, yes, I remember those days well. There are still many times that I shut Elijah in the bathroom with me and a basket of toys so that I can take a shower. Now he's found that he can move the shower curtain and peek in...I have to come up with a new system.

Sarah :)

chelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chelle said...

About the camera...I dropped mine a few days ago and killed it...and just as I was ready to start listing V-tine-y things on Etsy. David said to order a new I went ahead and ordered a $140.00 Canon PowerShot A570IS, from Amazon. And now I am hoping to make enough $$ over Valentines Day to pay for it, as a new camera was not really in the budget for us this month.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the mobile over the laundry basket idea, so smart!! A portable playpen!!
{San Diego}

Design Mom said...

So glad you tried rolling up the lights! It's the best thing ever. Next Christmas you'll be so glad.

And your photos turned out darling!

Abbey said...

Fantastic idea for the baby while you shower!

Also, I adored the pictures of the Christmas lights and your little girl. Amazingly sweet!

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