Thursday, January 17, 2008


Please tell me that I'm not the only person that is totally in love with the $1 section at Target.
It's the first thing I do when I walk into the store.
Yesterday I snagged a pair of very cute pink bowls
and a set of white and pink polka dot tea towels for my mom
and three boxes of scrapbooking embellishments.
There were several other things I would have liked to get
(like the pink heart shaped ramakins,
the glitter word stickers,
a cute hat for Rose,
and matching socks for Olivia and I)
but since we were on a clothes
and gift shopping spree
for Olivia and a couple of her friends
I had to restrain myself.
I just had to share though.
Love Target.
Love the $1 bins.


Beth H said...

I totally agree! $1 for dishtowels you can embellish and give as a gift. Seems as if there is ALWAYS something there that we 'need.'
Gotta go pick up photos at our Target soon so I'll get to see what's new!

Leslie said...

oh yeah. I am loving there short rolls of wrapping paper bought 5 rolls of the red and white polka dots. Gotten SO much fun stuff at the $1 spot.

lolly lisa said...

That's the best part of the store! I can't go there without at least checking it out!!!

chelle said...

first of too...three cheers for cute at Target for only a buck. and secondly, Leslie, you found red and white polka dot wrapping paper!!!! I didn't see that at my FAIR!!! ;)

meg said...

Me, too! I was just there last night & loaded up on some pink & green scrapbooking goodies, body butter that smelled yummy, a couple lint rollers, etc, for a swap I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I hear ya! My last purchase from those bins was several tiny gift bags in which all the scarves I'd crocheted for Christmas were to go in ;)

Anonymous said...

Was just there this morning. Stocked up.
God bless :)

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