Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's in Baby's Morning?

"What's in Baby's Morning?
A sister sleeping just over there,
counting beads and a little chair,
Spotty Dog and Mrs. Cow,
and Little Hup the hippo.
"Good Morning, Little Hup!'"
So begins What's in Baby's Morning? by Judy Hindley and illustrated by Jo Burroughes.
We follow the delightful watercolor and pencil illustrations through Baby's waking, kisses from Mommy and getting dressed, to breakfast and Peekaboo with sister, a ride on the trike, and then outside for playing with Daddy, all accompanied by Little Hup the Hippo who is Baby's "lovie." But, when Little Hup disappears, Baby is so upset! Where ever could Little Hup be? Thankfully, big sister finds him in no time and all is right again. Then it is off to inside where, with a drink, a cuddle, a story, and with sleepy eyes it is time for a little nap.
"And this is how the morning ends."
A wonderful telling of a loving family and how they relate to Baby. This is what Judy Hindley, the author, says of What's in Baby's Morning?, "I wanted to write a real story for a small person, but with plenty of naming and pointing and shouting out-in case an even smaller person is sharing the lap." I believe that she has done just that.
A perfect tale for naptime, lap-time, or anytime.
Title: What's in Baby's Morning?
Author: Judy Hindley
Illustrator: Jo Burroughes
Publisher: Candlewick Press

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