Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Night Harry

"Good night, everyone," says Harry.
"Zzz," went Lulu.
"Snore," went Ted.
Harry lay waiting.
But sleep didn't come.
Harry and his friends, Lulu and Ted, are getting ready for bed. But, Harry can't go to sleep. He reads himself a bedtime story, but that doesn't work. He hung up his clothes, cleaned his room, ran in place, touched his toes, hopped on one foot, jumped up and down, and then went back to bed. But nothing happened. He tossed and he turned, trying to get comfortable. Then he begins to worry. Poor Harry. He rolls up in a ball and pulls all the covers off of his friends! Waking up, they want to know why Harry isn't asleep so he explains. Being the very best of friends, they stay up with him. They sit very close together, looking out the window, singing a little song, and counting the stars. Harry feels sleepy at last.
"Goodnight, Harry," said Lulu.
"Sweet dreams, Harry," said Ted.
but, "Snuffle" was all Harry said.
Good Night, Harry is the sleepy sequel to My Friend Harry by Author/Illustrator, Kim Lewis. Ms. Lewis will enchant you for life with her dear dreamy illustrations and sweet stories. An excellent choice for your own sleepy time routine.
Title: Good Night Harry
Author: Kim Lewis
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0-7636-2206-0

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