Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 2012 {10 on 10}

What is 10 on 10? Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

My April 10 on 10
9:30-ish: working on birthday party plans

10:30-ish: getting ready to run to the store for diapers

11:30-ish: how we roll at the grocery store
(please be kind to all mommas you meet that are pushing these! They are fighting a hard battle.)

12:30-ish: herby goodness, ready to go in pots

1:30-ish: Samuel helping big 'Tis with her math
2:30-ish: lunch for my girls. PB for Olivia - my dipper and oranges for Sadie-Rose - our fruititarian

3:30-ish: looking at a vintage Child Craft book and talking party games

4:30-ish: little feet sent outside to play

5:30-ish: time for a restoring cup because this momma was definitely feeling a bit "bear-ish" by this point

6:30-ish: Daddy made us cornbread to go with dinner. For the 3rd day in a row. I think we're a tad bit obsessed.

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Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Beautiful!! You never disipoint. :)

Nikki said...

Such pretty photos--I especially love the one of three pairs of little feet.

Andrea said...

I've often wondered about those kiddie carts, they don't look at all easy to maneuver! Love these pretty pics :)

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