Monday, February 13, 2012

February 10 on 10

February's 10 on 10
7am - a grey and smokey start to the day

8am - practicing skills

9am - in the kitchen
10 &11am - reading while Samuel naps on my lap
12pm - lunch preparations

1pm - craft project
2pm - practice
3pm - finished and hung

4pm - reading while Samuel naps on my lap again
5pm- wakey wakey  


Cottage Mommy said...

Such a pretty heart banner you made! And is that Dottie Angel book any good?

Chelle said...

Love your ten on ten Fair, I am tardy in posting mine...and I adore your take on that sweet heart banner...Curious about the Dottie Angel book as well.

Chelle said...

P.S. Samuel is purely delicious!

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