Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Samuel's 1st birthday

So, my plan for this year is to actually document these daily moments that we live and to share them. Fabulous photos or not, witty or deep writings aside. Just put our story here, because I will be thankful, in the end, that I did.

Last Wednesday we celebrated Samuel's 1st birthday with a yummy dinner and cake. He's been exclusively breastfeed this entire year, so we had to document his 1st taste of big people food. Somewhere along the way, Daddy lost his head a bit and decided Samuel should have cake too and then let him lick off the ice cream scoop! I will not be uploading the video of my reaction in those moments. :) Thankfully he had no adverse reactions to that system overload. I did take lots of pictures though and this will be a picture heavy post. So, you have some warning! We fed Samuel quinoa and black beans and a bit of avocado. He was ok with the first two, but the avocado is definitely not his favorite.  He was extremely interested in the cake, but after tasting a bit of frosting he had to shudder, several time. I scraped the frosting off his piece and just let him play with the cake which didn't make him shudder and gag too badly. Such an interesting experience. Happy 1st Birthday boy! 

His 1st experience with a sippy cup. He did good.
Daddy and his boy

He wasn't sure about the singing.

He was so interested. Just one finger.
Seriously, my favorites are these 3.

He thought it was better without frosting.
He did use his hands some.
pull along squirrel
every kid needs cars!
Mike and  Samuel
The cake was Burnt Sugar Cake with Burnt Sugar Frosting. That has been my Daddy's birthday cake for the past 21 years and since Samuel and my Daddy share birth months, I thought it would be a fun tradition. At least while I have a say over the cake choice. :) Mike and the girls were quite impressed. It was super delicious.


Little Candle said...

How lovely! How is he a year already? Such sweet pictures, thank you for sharing!

Katie said...

So cute Fairlight! So seriously first taste of food period?? Because we are on our way there at 7 months but i cant imagine giving her more than one first!? How did it go???

Chantel Monet said...

Oh gosh, is he ever delicious! Sweet Samuel is now a one-year-old! Where does the time go? That cake looks unbelievable, I may have to try it on my one-year-old! Love you, Fair, thanks so much for sharing!

Lisa said...

So big, and such an amazing little guy. So glad he belongs to such an amazing family. ;)

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