Thursday, September 09, 2010

What they do

What the 2 year old does while mommy sews.

What the 7 year old does while mommy sews.

I spent quite a bit of time un-knotting embroidery thread
and handing out warnings about pins.

Not so much sewing.
Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

seriously fairlight, your girls are too cute, and your eye for things of interest is really sharp!

Sarah H.

kt mac said...

cute :)

You know my local craft store had the cutest babuskha doll kit for kids. You embroider the face and design, then cut, sew and stuff it. I keep thinking it might be something miss O would love?


Morningtower said...

Oh, Fairlight! Your blog is delightful. . . just like you. :) I am adding it to the links on my blog. You've definitely put me in the mood to start sewing again.
~Valarie Brooks~

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