Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An itch

I have been incredibly unproductive(in my creative life) for the past 2 months. So many things going on and mental stresses and bodily stresses and comings and goings. It has been miraculous most days to have 3 meals fixed, clean dishes to eat on, and clothes clean but definitely not folded to put on. We've had company, been company, done some semi-major construction on our house, spent almost over 25+ hours at the church in one week, drove 2400 miles in 10 days, and have lived to tell about it. Momma has been tired and even some days, quite ill. During that time, my life was pretty much shut down to necessities only. No blogging has gone on, not even reading other blogs or hardly any Facebook, (gasp, I know!) most days I didn't even turn my computer on. I just checked my email on Mike's laptop if it was necessary.

But, life has finally slowed down, momma's feeling herself again, and certain stresses have dissipated and newer ones I'm pretty much content to let someone else worry about. I'm finally spending some time reading blogs again and it's been ever so nice to catch up a bit on what's been going on everyone's lives. Some made me cry, I had missed so much, others sent me into giggling fits and snorting my tea. ( you know who you are!)

While do my wanderings (after I checked on my "friends") I went over to {inspiration blogs} Kelly McCaleb's and felt a little tickle in my brain after reading this post. No, I told myself. Get a grip. So, wander on over to House on Hill Road. Crumb, that's not much better! So, then I did the worst thing possible and stepped into Ms. Paulson's most cozy little blog space. Shoot! Bad bad, terrible, no good, disastrous idea! Now I'm completely overwhelmed and have a head full of ideas (like I need any more!) and the most insane urge to pull out all of my carefully folded and packed boxes and bin of fabric and start tossing everything all over my newly organized FROG. Forget the fact that I'm in the middle of a custom order that involves 7 yards of black duponi silk, 7 24" zippers, and many many more hours of labor than I estimated and a custom designed 50's style apron for another client that has even been started yet. Nope! A summer patchwork quilt for our bedroom is far more important as are patchwork hexagon seat cushions and embroidered wall hangings for our bedroom.
I mean, come on! Who could resist the likes of this?

(Because I really have a pressing desire to make a patchwork quilt. Right.now.)
Or this?

(Because I really must start setting a prettier table)

Or this?
(Because who would say "no" to a hammock, in the backyard, covered in vintage quilts, fluffy pillows, and a vintage chenille bedspread topped with a sweet corgi?)

Or to this?
(because every seat in our kitchen is wooden and hard and my hinney hurts quite frequently from them)

Do you see what I mean? I could go on and on forever and ever. And this isn't my first time down this road either.
But, I digress.
So, I made myself a promise. Finish these last 2 orders and then no more custom orders for at least 6 months (forever?). And to make one thing a month just for me, my house, or someone I love. Just because. Just because I can and I enjoy it. No deadlines and no worrying about whether it's up to someone else's standards.
It truly sounds like bliss. I can't wait. I'm making my lists!
And I'm working up the courage to sew 336" of zipper.


Amanda said...

I'm in love with that patchwork seat cusion... glad you're feeling more like yourself!

kt mac said...

Aw I know how you feel - I am feeling totally uncreative with crafts lately and find blog walking dangerous (I have a list of things to make for our little first home)

And I always seem to feel guilty if my craftiness isn't 'wedding' related because I have so much to do and so little time left to do it in!!

But I love your idea of no more clients for six months and focusing on you and your house and sewing for pleasure - I think you need that.

But the big question is... what will you sew first :)


swell.life said...

ooh fairlight, i am so with you on this. i have been utterly UNcreative lately. moving and house projects are completely overwhelming!

now that things are settling i am excited to see your house projects unfold. you are amazing.

On Second Street said...

glad to see you around again- can't wait to see what projects you will take on next.

Andrea said...

Wow- love the patchwork quilt, I think I've caught the itch! And good for you for taking a client break, I would say you have certainly earned it :)

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