Friday, March 26, 2010

Some days

Some days, it's all in the process. Doesn't always matter what the end result "is," just that there was a process.

Soften the butter
cream it with sugar
taste it
add the eggs
add the flour
and the milk
mix it well

spoon it into muffins cups lined in shiny silver
bake it
check it
bake it some more
cooling time

soften more butter
add some sugar
and homemade vanilla,
cocoa powder,
the darker the better
3 girls fighting over who gets to like the 2 beaters
one settles for the spoon and spatula

all in a row
on a white platter
set on a counter,
just to look at and admire
maybe a bit torturous to small ones,
but oh well
it made my day

some days it's the process and not the end result
that makes you smile
{but the end result was pretty sweet too, no?}


kt mac said...

ok so we're half way on our way to sydney... i haven't had breakfast yet and this sweet post is making me so hungry!!

but it's also making me smile... Love your musings about 'the process' that is so true :)

Love u

Ivy said...

I cant wait for Kiernan's birthday next week just so I can make some cupcakes! This am Rowan and I made pancakes together. It is so awesome when the kids get to help then eat their creations.

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Yummy! I love the picture of it in process. So pretty... :)

Aminta said...

So yummy!
I love cooking with my kids. And watching them enjoying the fruits of their labor. And telling me later that they really well.... After all, remember what they made us for dinner last time?!

Amanda said...

I love it when I can relax and enjoy the process of making something delicious! Your cupcakes look divine!

sheena said...

sometimes the process really is my favorite part! It's a amazing how quickly you can make a bunch of "nothings" into something so tastey

love love loving your blog!

Little Candle said...

I wish I could scarf one down right now!

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