Monday, November 02, 2009

Blogging Award

My dear friend, Katie, has awarded me (and several other sweet friends) the 'Over the top' blog award. Thank you! And while I don't feel "over the top" (hello lost little blog!) I am very honored.
Part of this award is answering a little quiz and passing it on to 6 other bloggy friends.
so here goes ...

1. where is your cell phone:utterly lost. Mike took it running errands one day and it never cam home.

2. your hair: is long. "Someone" wants me to cut it short. I'm terribly undecided.

3. your father: is someone I love dearly.

4. your favorite food: the food that I don't eat. lol Pizza, ice cream, bread, desserts.

5. your dream from last night:I'd rather not try and remember. I have such crazy dreams.

6. your favorite drink: hot tea most days with an occasional latte or frappachino thrown in.

7. Your dream/goal: a farm, in the country. Lots of animals, lots of babies, and lots of family around. And a successful sewing/crafting venture with publication. Writing a book, at least one.
Building our own farm house. I could fill pages with dreams and goals.

8. what room are you in: the FROG.

9. what is your hobby: washing dishes, folding laundry, cooking 3 meals a day, vacuuming, scrubbing bathtubs and toilets, teaching 2nd grade, wiping faces and hinney's, buying groceries, mopping the kitchen. lol

10. what is your fear: losing a child

11. where do you want to be in 6 years: see #7

12. where were you last night: at home, talking on the phone, eat popcorn, and watching movies with Mike and the kids.

13. something you are not: outgoing, organized, on-time, good at saying "no"

14. muffins: blueberry with strusel topping, apple cinnamon, or peanut butter with raspberry jelly on the side.

15. wish list items: that will be coming soon. Mike needs some ideas.

16. where did you grow up: everywhere. Kansas, West Texas, North Carolina, East Texas, and South Carolina.

17. last thing you did: read Olivia her spelling words.

18. what are you wearing:yoga pants, sweatshirt, and socks. It's cold today!

19. your tv: is off.

20. your pets: are non existent. Unless you consider the dust bunnies "pets."

21. your friends: are a blessing.

22. your life: is in an ever present state of flux, learning, and change. But, good.

23. your mood: is quiet. Lots to think about.

24. missing someone: lots of people. Family and friends can all seem very far away at times.

25. vehicle: a total "mom" car. Toyota mini van. But I've wanted one since I was 8. :)

26. something your not wearing: can't think of anything.

27. your favorite store: People, Places, and Quilts.

28. your favorite color: turquoise, lavender, yellow, and pink for my house. But navy, plum, gray, black, and dark green is I'm wearing it.

29. when's the last time you laughed: this morning at Rose. She's always doing something silly.

30. when's the last time you cried: last week some time probably.

31. your best friend: I don't think I have just one. Many different friends fill many different places in my life. I won't name names.

32. one place you go over and over: the grocery store

33. one person who emails me regularly: Chelle, Jenni, Debbi.

34. Favorite place to eat: I don't really have one. Panera is our usual place of choice, but I'm sure there is better out there.

Now, to nominate. I will try not to overlap KT's nom's even though I think she was absolutely correct in all of them! :) My choices are

Keri of Pink Lemonade
Jessica of Living the Swell Life
Misha of Beauty and Joy
Jenni of Lana Bella
Nicole of Lillyella
Aminta of Beauty in Simplicity

Have fun you guys!


~beautyandjoy~ said...

I loved reading your list (and hearing more about you) and I will totally take the challenge ... it may take me a couple days. :)


AndiMae said...

I love your sweet little list! And goodness, I am so so excited about meeting you in the spring! Hope you are having a happy, cozy Monday!

kt mac said...

ooh yay anything to get you blogging again and to hear what your up too :)

but I think u need to add 'crafter extraordinaire' to your hobby list ;)

Love you!!

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