Friday, March 20, 2009

I make stuff

I've been busy making stuff around here. The machine never seems to stop, but it's the season for it. I always get the itch to sew like a maniac in spring. I don't know why.
I thought you guys might like a peek at what's been sliding out from under my presserfoot.

My 1st project was Olivia's dress. My crazy beautiful child who picks out fabrics and colors I would probably never look at. She pick out the fabrics for this dress all on her own. We decided on the bird fabric and I thought I would pick out the coordinating fabric, but no matter how many bolts of dark purple and magenta I pulled out, Olivia kept saying "no." We went upstairs and enlisted the help of our local quilt store employee and friend, Mary. Still nothing suitable to a 5 year old's taste was found in purple. So I finally asked her "Well, just what fabric do you want?" (I think I may have said this with just a touch of desperation in my voice.) She makes her way oh so casually down the row of bolts, running her finger across them and then stops in front of the section I never go to, the oranges. She stands there studying them for about 2 seconds, says, "I was thinking more like fall colors Mommy." Grabs 2 bolts of fabric off the shelf, carries them over to the cutting table, thumps them down, "Like these!" she says and then walks off, totally unconcerned, to get herself a cup of tea. Mary and I walk over and study her fabric choices. They match the bird fabric perfectly. Colors match, the prints are perfectly sized to coordinate, the tones are perfect. Everything is a match. Mary's jaw about hits the table in amazement and I just shake my head. Mary tells me that I should listen to Olivia more often. And I laugh.
Because I don't know any other 5, almost 6 year old who can match fabrics better than 2 women who have been sewing most of their life. Maybe I should listen to her more.
My 2nd project wasn't really my project at all. Well, it kind of was, but it kind of wasn't. See that bunny in Olivia's arms? She sewed it together, and stuffed it, and dressed it. Two Christmas's ago, a dear friend with the most dearest of hearts bought Olivia a "Sew-A-Bunny" kit. She meant well. She really did. I put it away in the top of the closet until last fall. Then I pulled it out because Olivia had been asking to learn how to sew and could she use the machine? Well, I was busy using the machine myself at the time and thought this might be the perfect "1st project." Let's just say it wasn't and I put it back in the top of the closet. But Olivia has never forgotten nor has she let me forget that she had an unfinished bunny up there.
Some time recently the bunny got taken down, how I don't know. Probably by the unknowing father, I'm guessing. Olivia decided to give it a try again. So I threaded the needle and showed her how to hold it, reiterate the same instructions again and again. Then I promptly went back to my own sewing. Which was not a good plan. Every two stitches, Olivia came to me for help. It was definitely not my best teaching moment and tears were shed on both sides and a few swear words rolled around in my head. But, we took a little break, sat down on the bed together and finished that rabbit. She stuffed it and I sewed the last bit closed and we were done!
I can not tell you how proud she was to show her daddy when he came home.
I think we both learned valuable lessons with that project. One being: Never give a child a "sew-your-own-stuffed-animal" kit before the age of 8!

My 3rd project was a special order purse for my friend Jenni. I showed her the one that I had made and she immediately ordered one of her own. I have enjoyed making it again. It is good practice for me since I'm teaching a class on this very bag in two weeks. I used some more of the chocolate linen and she ordered the cutest Japanese print fabric from this great Etsy seller. (He shipped it 1 hour after I purchased it!)
I'm very pleased with the results and can't wait to take it to her.

If you are interested in one of your own, please feel free to email me for prices.


Lisa said...

gosh I wish I could sew....
you are so talented - I love all of your projects, especially the orange!!!!

Aminta said...

Lovely! I think the dress is so darling! I Should make version for Faith to wear, only shorter and with leggings! Wouldn't that be cute? After all, I must now be careful....she is turning TEN next month!!! Crazyness!
I was just florred by Olivia! OMG! She has gotten huge! SO mature looking. She is going to be 6! I cannot believe it. SIGH! This all goes way to quickly! I remember when she was just little.
And ahappy sewing!

kristena marie said...

Beautiful projects!!! And she really picked out that fabric? Genius! I love the idea of letting the kids get in on their wardrobe like that. :) Especially when they have great taste!

Bobbie Sue said...

Good job Olivia! Way to stay out of the purples and pinks. HA! That would only come from your Aunt Bobbie Sue... :)
See you all Easter! Love you all!

Jenni said...

I love love love the bag and the model and the cute dress woooo hooo another orange lover!!

Seriously maybe she has been hanging out with Jack a bit much before that boy i don't think i had ever purchased anything orange besides the fruit!!

Jenni has dreams of linen shorts dancing in her head :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

the dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! I looove looove LOOOVE the birdy fabric, and think that Olivia did such a fine job in picking and MATCHING the fabric lol she's got her momma's sewing nack :)

Love all your sewing goodies, Fairlight, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to make things so beautiful!

Leslie said...

your beyond gifted, the dress though is beyond.... so darling!

Lisa said...

Oh, your little girl is going to follow in her mother's footsteps ... which will be a wonderful thing! She's on her way!

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