Friday, June 27, 2008


we're going on holiday!

We're busy packing and planning our trip to Oklahoma to visit Mike's side of the family.
There will be plenty of pictures taken,
lots of laughter,
kids running around wild,
catching up,
sharing stories,
making plans for Thanksgiving
and the new baby nephew
who will be making his appearance just a few weeks prior,
tons of great food (because we have some serious talent in our fam)
and just hangin' out in general.

We. are. so. excited.

(except for 22 hours in the car with a 7 mo. old who's teething)

It's going to be fun ya'll! :)

I'll have a few posts during the week and I'll be stopping in to see how everyone is,
and to check my e-mail, maybe even share some exciting news. :)
But you're just going to have to wait and see.


chelle said...

Do have a splendid time! And of course we will be checking in on you ( more than once a day ) looking for new and "exciting" posts.

I. Love. You.

Lisa said...

sadie rose gets rounder and cuter. how wonderful to be 7 months when getting rounder truly does equal getting cuter. many blessings on your very long car trip with your very teething baby, and, i, too, am excited to hear what your new news could be.

Leslie said...

news... what news. Im ever ever so curious!

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