Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm back

Well, that was a blogging break I hadn't intended on taking! Tuesday morning, as my parents were leaving, our computer crashed. For unknown reason. And because we had plans out of the house every night until Friday, our 'puter sat forlornly on the dresser, waiting for us to come back to it. But, by the time Mike fixed it, it was late Friday night and weekends are always busy for us as they are for everyone out there in blog land.
So, here I am. Back. But with one very sick little girl and another with terrible yeast rash on her diaper area. I just wanted to pop in and say "thank you" to all who wished us success at the Festival. It wasn't what we had hopped or expected for our third year at the Flowertown. But, given the economic change, I totally understand. So, be looking for an Etsy shop update so as we list our wares. I let everyone know when it's all up.
Even though the festival was dissapointing, it was good to see my family again. They haven't been here since Christmas. I took lots of pictures (close to 400 in 72 hours), but very few of actual people. Actually very few of anything but purses. :) Here are the 7 best.

Olivia got a little bored of my taking pictures of purses
and crawled under the picnic table.

Violet, after a full day of being my assistant.
She handed me each and every single bag.
All day.
See that stack of stuff behind her?
All purses.

This is my FROG.
All the boxes and tubs were full of purses.
(Teenagers do such strange things when their tired or bored.)

Miss Sadie~Rose having fun at the Festival.

Sadie~Rose and her Pa-pa
people watching.

Our booth.

Now I must get back to piles of laundry, my throwing up kid, and raw bottomed lovely-ness.
Isn't being a mommy grand? :)


Lisa said...

Welcome back!!! Your booth looks fanatstic and I cannot wait to check out the new stuff on Esty...
We missd you...

Little Candle said...

I am amazed at all of the purses. How ever did you find the time to make all of them? I can't seem to finish one, single knitting project! I am very impressed! Your booth looked like it was very nice.
I am glad that you are back!

Sarah :)

Lisa said...

Well, best of luck in your diaper rash mending and fever mending. I'm sorry to hear that your merchandise didn't moved as you had hoped ... but only a little sorry as (hee hee) I'm off to see if you've posted the rest at your Etsy site! (How is it that Sadie Rose keeps getting sweeter and sweeter?? ;))

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :) I've missed seeing you around here...
I must say those are just about the most munchable looking baby legs I've ever seen! She's just a cutie pie!
Poor kids would sympathize with her totally. If they were there they'd probably teach her a few tricks to getting out of having her pictures taken LOL ;)
Glad your computers back up and that you made it through another year's festival :)

Leslie said...

Sadie Rose, is looking ever ever so adorable, rash or not.... can't believe how big she looks, and your booth, is SUPER ADORABLE, your amazing....

and being a mommy is grand, just minus the diaper rash cream, ickkk. :)

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